Thomas Weikert

Manifesto for the Presidency of the ITTF

Delivering Value
and Growth for
Global Table Tennis

About Thomas Weikert

Mr Thomas WEIKERT. ITTF President

Born in Limburg, Germany on 15th November 1961.
Married. One son.

ITTF President since 1st September 2014, Mr Thomas Weikert is a former Federal League (Bundesliga) player and currently plays for “TTC 1947 Elz” in a regional league.

Elected President of the German Table Tennis Association (DTTB) in 2005, he retired in March 2015. Since 2002 he is the lawyer of DTTB. Under his mandate DTTB hosted 2 World Championships (2006 Bremen, 2012 Dortmund) and several World Cups, World Team Cups and a yearly World Tour event (German Open).

Mr Weikert was elected ITTF Executive Vice-President in 2009 and ITTF Deputy President in 2013.

His passion has been developing table tennis around the world and continue providing our table tennis family with high quality events, Publicity, Promotions and Development Projects.

My Key Manifesto Pillars

My campaign for ITTF Presidency is defined by seven key pillars that are underpinned by a comprehensive series of proposals that will guide me should I have the honour of being elected in May. I see myself as the ‘evolutionary’ candidate – someone who respects the rich traditions of our sport, but also has an eye on the future and embraces innovation and fresh thinking.
  1. Fuelling the development of Table Tennis and empowering all National Associations
  2. Setting the highest standards of governance, integrity and transparency
  3. Ensuring stability, continuity and positive Olympic/IOC relations
  4. Maximising commercial and marketing opportunities
  5. Enhancing the presentation of our sport
  6. Engaging our audiences digitally and attracting younger fans
  7. Developing Para Table Tennis
If I have the honour of being elected President of the ITTF, my term in office would be guided by the principles of openness, collaboration and constructive dialogue.


Weikert welcomes key support from Al-Mohannadi following his withdrawal from the ITTF Presidential race
International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President Thomas Weikert today unveiled his new campaign website, as he bids to be elected President of the world governing body for a new term. His new website can be accessed at:
On the occasion of World Table Tennis Day, Thomas Weikert, President of the International Table Tennis Federation [ITTF], unveiled his vision for the sport and the ITTF as part of his campaign to be re-elected President of the world governing body.
The DTTB is very pleased to announce that we have officially submitted the nomination of Thomas Weikert for the election of ITTF President.