Thomas Weikert is endorsed by the German Table Tennis Federation

Dear Friends,

The DTTB is very pleased to announce that we have officially submitted the nomination of Thomas Weikert for the election of ITTF President.

We feel that Thomas is the ideal President for the ITTF and that he will lead the organisation as successfully as he led our National Association for 10 years. Our support for Thomas is also based on his excellent record and achievements as ITTF President since 2014.
We are thankful to Thomas for what he has done for Table Tennis nationally and globally – and the successful results that have been delivered through Thomas' committed leadership and international management skills.

The DTTB is one of the largest Table Tennis Associations in the world and, under Thomas’ leadership, our athletes have been winning medals at international events and at the Olympic and Paralympic Games for many years. An important legacy of Thomas’ Presidency of DTTB is that our Association became one of the top organisers of major Table Tennis events and we are proud to serve the growth of our beloved sport with financial support for ITTF Development Programmes. This includes projects that enable German experts to export their sporting skills and knowledge to other countries and initiatives that foster greater peace and understanding through sport.

Before becoming ITTF President, Thomas initiated the DTTB’s application to host the forthcoming World Championships in Düsseldorf. It would now be our honour to invite you to be a part of these remarkable Championships in Düsseldorf in two months’ time.

We humbly ask you to vote for Thomas. With his broad experience in different leadership positions in sports administration and management, we believe Thomas Weikert is the right person to take the ITTF and Table Tennis to new heights. Thomas has the full support from the DTTB and from the German National Olympic Committee.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Geiger